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How We Work
     Like the great designer William Morris, we at LANDMARK Decorative Painting believe that "the perception and creation of beauty should be felt to be as necessary as daily bread."

     At LANDMARK Decorative Painting it is our goal to give you the highest quality artwork, the most attentive service, and the greatest possible return for your investment. We at LANDMARK feel that the beauty and refinement of our ornamental designs will not only visually enhance the architecture of your home, but will also add to your home's intrinsic value. We believe the saying is true that "curb appeal does not stop at the curb!"

1. The Design Phase


     At LANDMARK Decorative Painting we believe in the power of one's surroundings to contribute to a better and more enjoyable quality of life. We work mindfully to create unique environments that reflect your specific needs and desires.
     Not all our work is done on site. Any application beyond a basic wall finish requires design time (i.e.: making samples, preparing renderings, etc.). To begin the design process we meet with you to listen carefully to your ideas and requirements. We measure the space(s) involved, take reference photographs, and make thumbnail sketches. There is no fee for this first meeting.  However, as explained in more detail below under "Cost Considerations", we do ask for a design fee to continue with the process.
     After we have this commitment from you, we go back to the studio to process your information and to gather research materials that will be helpful in visualizing and illustrating your vision.  At our second meeting we bring these reference materials and the sketches we've made for your comments and suggestions.  This meeting focuses even more specifically on what your desires are for your painted decoration.
     With your input from this second meeting in mind, we return to the studio to create a "to scale" color rendering of your proposed decoration.  The rendering serves two very important functions:
1) it shows you what your application will look like in your own environment--eliminating any last minute surprises or disappointments;
2) it serves as our necessary road map to accurately paint your decoration at full size.
We have learned that this process provides the most appreciated results and eliminates the temptation to make hasty and costly spur-of-the-moment decisions. 
It is not until the client signs off on the final rendering that we move on to the preparation and application phases of the work.

2. Preparation Off-Site

     After your approval of the final rendering, we gather the materials needed for your application.  At the studio the time is used to enlarge your designs and patterns to full size.  We then cut stencils and prepare tracings or transfer patterns.  We also begin to formulate specific color mixes for application.  Scaffolding is arranged if necessary.

3. On-Site Application

     Before we arrive on site we ask that the client clear the workspace of furniture and fragile items.  On our arrival we mask off appropriate areas and put down clean drop cloths to protect floors and any remaining belongings.
Depending on travel time, we are usually on site by 10am.  We finish for the day when the evening light makes it difficult for us to see color and detail correctly.  If it is possible to leave our materials neatly in the workspace it makes the use of time much more efficient.  If necessary, at the end of the day we can remove materials to the garage or to another specified area, but it does take time away from work on your artwork.
      The rest of the time on site is spent making the real magic happen.  We mix and refine the colors we will use for the painting. We transfer the full-size patterns to the surfaces to be painted. More delicate designs are traced onto the surface.  For larger work, a charcoal filled "pounce" bag is rubbed over a pattern prepared with small pinpricked holes, leaving a light charcoal powder outline (or "cartoon") on the surface to be painted.
     From this point on we are dedicated to making our paintbrushes transform your environment into an inspiring and perfect expression of your tastes and desires.

4. Cost Considerations

      We ask for a design fee at the conclusion of the first (free) meeting.  

     This fee, based on the anticipated scope of the project, is to begin and support the design phase of the work and to act as a calendar commitment on the part of the client.  The design fee is non-refundable and pays for the work described in "The Design Phase".  Should the client decide not to continue with the project after the design phase is completed, there is no further obligation.   Once the final rendering has been approved and the client's sign-off signature has been obtained, changes requested by the client may require an additional charge.
     The cost of the application is based on the labor and materials that will go into the work.  At the beginning of the design phase we provide an estimated "ballpark" cost for the completed project.  We solidify this first estimate into an accurate bid commitment when, at the end of the design phase, the client-approved rendering provides the completed plan for the work to be done.
      It is also possible to design to a specified budget if the client prefers to work in that way.  In either case, our goal is to give you as much artistic impact and pleasure as possible.
     Landmark Decorative Painting is based in Los Angeles, California.  We will provide our services anywhere in the world.  Costs for travel and accommodation are in addition to other project costs.


We look forward to the pleasure of bringing you the highest quality decorative work available.

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